About Us

Glasscraft has been going since 1989 and offers a wide range of miniature  glassware, a far cry from the early days when we had only 7 or 8 items at our first show. We are well known for Cranberry ware and are always looking to enlarge our range.

Phil started his glass blowing career as an apprentice in Newcastle producing laboratory/scientific glassware’s. He later went on to work in London and Switzerland extending his knowledge of glass, eventually returning to Newcastle.

Any comments you may have about Glasscraft,  please feel free to contact Phil.

All our miniatures are individually handmade, and, while every effort is made to manufacture each item identically, there may be slight variations in shape, size and colour from article to article. Customers are advised not to rub the cranberry items, as this may result in the removal of part of the surface.